SLI-ed Geforce double pack
SLI-ed Geforce double pack [Source]

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Geforce 7900 GT: Prototype or Fake – The matter is still discussed
SLI-ed Geforce double pack
Geforce GTX 280 GX2: external 2,000 watt PSU included
Geforce 9900 GTX: Two 7900 GTX can’t be bad
PSP-Slider: Quite a cool feature actually
Nintendo DS 2k8: Rather unlikely to hit the market like that, given Nintendo’s current policy.
iPSP: Will Sony and Apple cooperate someday?
Core 3: Ooh, come on...
AMD Athlon “Plus Box”: Overclocked CPU with faked box
Xbox 360 Wireless Helmet: Look at those features
Xbox Mobile: This would have been nice, wouldn’t it?
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