Thermalright HSC-101

Thermalright: Working on all-passive PC case

It seems as cooling specialist Thermalright will introduce their first self designed PC case. The HSC-101 is said to be a tower, completely cooled by a passive system. In addition there will be two new CPU coolers.
Thermalright didn't design the HSC-101 in the traditional way, but instead created it as a single cooling surface. It is equipped with high quality heatpipes to transfer the heat off of the CPU and other hot components. Even the passive cooling of Quad Core processors is said to be a possibility. But since this might be just a design study, it is not sure of the case will be released in exactly this form.

There are further expansions to the Thermalright product range. Both CPU coolers, the True Black 120 and the AXP-140, fit to the sockets 775, 939 and AM2+. Multiple heatpipes are supposed to enable the 790 grams respectively 900 grams heavy cooling monsters to keep the CPU at a low temperature.

The German Thermalright distributor PC-Cooling did not reveal any details regarding the release date or pricing. The Computex convention in Taipei could be a useful source for further information.

Author: (May 28, 2008)

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