Quake Wars goes Larrabee?

Video shows ray traced Quake Wars

News about Intel's ray tracing: A video, showing ray tracing expert Daniel Pohl, reveals new game scenes. This time it is Enemy Territory: Quake Wars in a ray tracing version.
Quake Wars Raytraced
Quake Wars Raytraced [Source: view picture gallery]
Quake Wars Standard
Quake Wars Standard [Source: view picture gallery]
The video is supposed to originate from the GDC in February 2008, but wasn't released yet. In addition to known ray tracing scenes from the Quake 3 Engine and Quake 4 it shows a real-time rendering in Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. This scene is at the end of the video.
The water shows impressive reflections and refractions. In the water there are even reflections of an island and sunrays. The waves are improved by Bump Maps.

Our gallery contains pictures of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars that were made with the classical technique of rasterizing or are based on real-time ray tracing.

Author: Thilo Bayer (Jun 10, 2008)

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