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System requirements of The Dark Eye - Drakensang revealed

Today publisher dtp-Entertainment released the system requirements of the fourth part of the game series The Dark Eye.
To be able to visit the world of Drakensang you should have atleast a Pentium 4 with 2.4 Gigahertz or an equal CPU as well as a graphics card like a Geforce 6600 GT with 256 Megabyte video memory. Users of Windows XP should have atleast 1,024 MiByte RAM, while Vista needs 1,536 MiByte for the 32 bit version. Vista x64 needs even more - 2 GiByte RAM are necessary.

The recommended system requirements are: A Dual Core processor with 2.6 Gigahertz and a Geforce 8600 graphics card or better. Since Drakensang seems to be quite hungry for RAM the recommendation for XP is 2,048 MiByte already, while owners of Vista need 2,560 MiByte.

On the other hand the game doesn't require much space on the hard drive - six Gigabyte are enough.

The RPG will be released on August 1st. There will be a Limited Collector's Edition with additional material, too

Author: Jan Trommler (Jul 11, 2008)

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