Intel's E8600 reveals its strength

New Super Pi 1M world record by "Coolaler"

The Chinese OC guru "Coolaler” set a new record for calculating the mathematical constant to its 100th decimal place. For this he used a engineering sample of Intel's E8600.
The proof for the record
The proof for the record [Source: view picture gallery]
Coolaler's system needed only 7.281 seconds for the complex calculation - 0.13 seconds faster than the first placed "TaPaKaH”. Until June the German Michael "no_name” Schnetzer was the one to have set the best time.

Super Pi uses a single core for the calculation only, so a Quadcore CPU wouldn't receive any better results but would score even worse since synchronizing the FSB is more difficult. Up to now the fastest Intel Dualcore is the E8500 with an FSB of 333MHz and a 9.5 multiplier. Even with such a high multiplier the FSB is the limiting factor. P45 boards showed indeed, that clock speeds up to 725 MHz are possible, but only if in addition to the board the CPU and the memory are working with the same high clock.

With a multiplier of 10, the E8600 which is supposed to be released soon, the E8600 will easily allow for clock speeds over 6 GHz, because the CPU hits the clock limit before the FSB hits its own limit. Of course such high clock speeds are only possible with an appropriate cooling. Coolaler used liquid nitrogen and a core voltage of 1.926 volts for his world record. In combination with a DFI Lanparty DK P35-T2RS with Intel's P35 chip and a (unavailable) G.Skill memory kit the setup reached an overall clock speed of 6,253 MHz for the Super Pi 1M run.

Furthermore Coolaler was able to receive a CPU-Z validation for the clock speed of 6.426 MHz with the E8600 ES. If the retail version of the E8600 is even better for overclocking than the pre-series, we will see some more broken records before the launch of Intel's Nehalem.
Maximal clock speed of Coolaler’s E8600 ES
Maximal clock speed of Coolaler’s E8600 ES [Source: view picture gallery]

Author: Oliver Pusse (Jul 14, 2008)

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