Ubuntu and Qemu

Running Vista on the PS3 - with Linux

A user at PS3Hax was able to run Windows Vista on an ordinary PS3. To achieve this Ubuntu and the emulator Qemu were used.
To get Microsoft's OS to work on Sony's Playstation 3, some adjustments need to be made to the BIOS and the emulator Qemu has to be running. As the Tutorial explains, it is possible, with the Linux Version Ubuntu, to install Vista and XP, which runs a little faster than the new Windows - but just as unstable. Nevertheless "a little faster” isn't really fast. Because of the emulation it took 24 minutes and 6 seconds to start Vista and additional 5 minutes and 30 seconds to open the menu. Below you can see an exemplary video:

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Author: Marc Sauter (Aug 07, 2008)

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