High-end gaming mouse by NZXT

NZXT Avatar reviewed - a new big player on the gaming mouse market?

Most readers will think of power supply units or PC cases with a unique design. But the Avatar is intended to conquer the sector of high-end gaming devices. We checked the mouse for you.
It's slim and it's black. Even the wrapping indicates that NZXT doesn't want to do things by halves and heads straight for the top-class. This ambition is supported with an optical 2,600 DPI sensor that works with the established LED technology. It is commonly known that laser mouses are not impeccable per se and devices of low quality can have problems in the high-sense area - at least with high-speed movements.

NZXT Avatar
NZXT Avatar [Source: view picture gallery]

The DPI ratio can be changes via two buttons behind the mouse wheel. Settings of 600, 1,200, 1,800 and 2,600 DPI are available and a LED at the left side of the Avatar shows which setting is active. At the lower DPI ratios, the mouse doesn't reveal any weaknesses. At the highest ratio of 2,600 DPI the sensor is not working optimal and the handling becomes inaccurate. But this is only a theoretical point of criticism since the maximal acceleration used for our tests is much higher than even high-end gamers reach while playing.

The design of the Avatar is a possible cause for heated discussions. Some people like the long and slim profile of the mouse, while others cannot have it. NXZT created a slim device and combined parts of fully modeled designs, as for example known from Logitech's MX 518, with lines that remind of some older Razer models like the Diamondback. As already mentioned there are two buttons for switching the DPI ratio right behind the mouse wheel. Their pressure point is firm but the position is not perfect. Furthermore there are two side buttons - one on each side of the mouse. Depending on being left or right handed one of the buttons is fully operational while the other one is out of reach when playing. Another problem: Some testers unintentionally pressed the button opposite of the thumb when lifting the mouse of the desk. We recommend that you deactivate the button with the software delivered with the mouse. This program also allows you to create profiles, macro commands, adjustments of the X and Y axis and different USB ratios. The 2-way mouse wheel is precise and has a firm pressure point but the relatively high backpressure might not be ideal for everyone.

NZXT Avatar
NZXT Avatar [Source: view picture gallery]

Conclusion: As a debut to the market, the Avatar is surprisingly good. In terms of performance it can easily compete with current gaming devices. The retail price of 50 Euros could become a problem since in this sector the competitors have a full range of established products and there are devices with equal features for less. But in regards of design and quality the NZXT Avatar is more than able to compete on the market.

Author: Lars Craemer (Aug 08, 2008)

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