Coolermaster reveals new case prototype

PCGH exclusive: Coolermaster Sniper – A case designed by gamers, for gamers

At the Games Convention 2008 not only games but also new gaming hardware will be introduced to the public. Coolermaster is one of the companies on site.
Coolermaster’s Sniper prototype from the Storm series.
Coolermaster’s Sniper prototype from the Storm series. [Source: view picture gallery]
Coolermaster is going to present a new product series called “Storm” at the Games Convention. The first case of the series is called “Sniper”. Readers of PCGH don’t have to wait for the Games Convention, since we were able to take pictures of an early Sniper prototype. The appearance is almost final, but there will be many changes made to the interior until the final release. So the case pictured is a mockup.

Nevertheless some features can be recognized: The Sniper will have two handles integrated into the lid. The lid also hosts a control panel. Among Power and Reset button there is another specialty: A rotary switch can be used to dim or switch off the inside illumination of the case. Furthermore it is said to be possible to connect fans to this control. Four USB, Firewire, E-SATA and headphone ports are located in the lid, too.

The inside of the Sniper is black. The fittings for plug-in cards are colored in the mock-up, but this will be changed almost certainly. The lid, the floor and the front of the case have many aerating holes, which are supposed to enable a good air movement and offer possible positions for fans or a radiator. The motherboard tray has the same features as the one of the HAF 932 (Coolermaster HAF 932: Official introduction of the new high-airflow case): For improved cable management and an easier installation of CPU coolers with a backplate, there are many openings next to and below the motherboard.

Please bear in mind: The Sniper picture here is an early prototype, which will have to endure many modifications before the final release. Use the comments to pass criticism on the case (please stick to serious remarks). Coolermaster will observe the comments and take practical modifications into account for future products if possible. Who wants to see the Sniper live can has a chance at the Games Convention 2008 in Leipzig, Germany.

Author: Oliver Pusse (Aug 15, 2008)

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