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PCGH Tuning: The Witcher Enhanced Edition

About a year ago The Witcher was released. Now in a short time the Enhanced Edition will hit the market. But this game is not an add-on or a new game with a similar name.
Carmen is one of the characters who got a new model.
Carmen is one of the characters who got a new model. [Source: view picture gallery]
The Enhanced Edition is a completely overhauled The Witcher. Bonus materials like a soundtrack CD a map of the game world, several making-of and behind-the-scenes videos and a short story of the original auther of the novels about the hero Geralt, are part of the reissue. Several things have been improved in the game itself. There are new character animations, a mission editor, two new adventures, new and rerecorded audio sets for different languages and subtitles and some improved character models. And the best thing: If you own The Witcher already, you can download the software upgrades for free.

PCGH checked what hardware is required to play The Witcher Enhanced Edition.

More clock speed, less cores
The Enhanced Edition has a lot of new character animations.
The Enhanced Edition has a lot of new character animations. [Source: view picture gallery]
The Bioware Aurora Engine that is used for The Witcher is CPU limited in most situations. With Intel processors it's scaling with the core frequency and thus a Core 2 Duo E6850 with 3.0 GHz is 55 percent faster than a E6320 (not in the diagram). AMD's Athlons and Phenoms are noticeably slower than the Intel competitors and more megahertz don't necessarily result in more frames. Quite annoying for AMD owners: A Phenom X4 can't beat a Athlon 64 X2 with the same core clock speed - the old K8 architecture is verifiable faster. The Witcher doesn't really benefit from additional cores. An X2 4800+ is only 4 percent faster than the single-core pendant Athlon 64 4000+. If you want to play The Witcher with constantly playable framerates, you need at least an Intel Core 2 with more than 2.0 GHz. With only 1 GiByte RAM the games is running noticeably slower and freezes sometimes.

Author: Keipp, Sauter (Sep 02, 2008)

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