DX9 and DX10 effects compared

Stalker: Clear Sky - Exclusive DX9 vs. DX10 screenshots

Today Stalker: Clear Sky was finally released. PCGH took a closer look and compared Direct X 9 with Direct X 10.

To get DX9 and DX 10 screenshots of Stalker: Clear Sky we used two different operating systems - Windows XP x86 for DX9 and Windows Vista x64 for DX 10. All screenshots were made with 16:1 AF at 1,680 x 1,050 on a Geforce 9800 GTX+. Please bear in mind, that we only have the German retail version available for our tests. Therefore all names of options have been translated and possibly don't match the English version.

The only differences between the two versions are three options: On DX9 "Enhanced Dynamic Lighting” is the maximal setting, while on DX10 "Enhanced Dynamic Lighting of Objects” is available. This improves God rays and HDR Rendering effects, shadows appear a little darker and the overall impression seems to be more realistic. The most obvious difference can be noticed in the visualization of water on surfaces, like the picture below the text exemplifies. The appropriate option is called "Wet Surfaces” and is, like the "Volumetric Smoke”, available on Direct X 10 only.

On the next pages you can find additional interactive comparisons of Stalker: Clear Sky. The default images show the Direct X 9 effects. If you move your mouse on the pictures, the Direct X 10 effects will be displayed. All screenshots can be found in the gallery.

Default: Direct X 9 (maximal quality). Move your courser over the picture for Direct X 10 (maximal quality)

Author: Marc Sauter (Sep 05, 2008)

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