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Stalker: Clear Sky - Micro stuttering with Geforce GTX 260 SLI

In the current issue of our German print magazine, we published a detailed article about micro stuttering. Now we have another obvious example with Stalker: Clear Sky.
Stalker: Clear Sky (Bild: PCGH)
Stalker: Clear Sky (Bild: PCGH) [Source: view picture gallery]
Micro stuttering is not restricted to a single producer. Nvidia, Ati/AMD and S3 Graphics use the same multi GPU rendering: Alternate Frame Rendering (AFR). In the print article we visualize the frame displacement of a Geforce 9800 GX2, a Radeon HS 4870 X2 and a SLI combo with two GTX 260. The latter one had by trend the hardest micro stuttering problems. And it's the same with Stalker: Clear Sky.

In our DX10 Benchmark Review we also checked multi GPU solutions. While the Radeon HD 4870 X2 delivered an excellent performance with an unobtrusive amount of micro stuttering, the GTX 260 SLI had problems with an irregular frame output again. We made a video that can found below the text. The system we used was equipped with a QX6850 on an Nforce 680i SLI motherboard with 2x 2,048 MiByte DDR2 RAM. The operating system was Windows Vista x64 SP1 and the driver was the Geforce 177.92 Beta.

Please pay attention to the fact, that the framerate usually stays between 30 and 40 fps and only drops below 20 when we zoom in.

Author: Raffael Vötter (Sep 10, 2008)

Stalker Clear Sky - Mikroruckler [122,7 MB]

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