Screenshots of the quality settings

Crysis Warhead - Comparative screenshots with DX9 vs. DX10 and all quality settings

Today Crysis Warhead is officially released. PCGH installed the retail version and made comparative screenshots that show the different quality settings. Among other things we compare Direct X 9 versus Direct X 10 and Crysis versus Warhead.
PCGH will publish several articles dealing with Crysis Warhead. This article is supposed to deliver a comparison between the different available quality settings. Therefore we compare the settings "Minimum” (DX9), "Mainstream” (DX9) and "Enthusiast” (DX9 and DX10).

We also compare the original Crysis with Warhead. Crytek promised improved textures for the environment and the characters. The pictures we got from Crytek at least reveal an improved lighting. Since we didn't have the time yet, we weren't able to check that out ourselves.

Crysis Warhead: Enthusiast settings
Crysis Warhead: Enthusiast settings [Source: view picture gallery]
Crysis Warhead: Mainstream settings
Crysis Warhead: Mainstream settings [Source: view picture gallery]
Crysis Warhead: Minimum settings
Crysis Warhead: Minimum settings [Source: view picture gallery]

Author: Falk Jeromin (Sep 18, 2008)

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