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Crysis Warhead: Benchmark special and general info about the game

Crysis Warhead is the second game in the Crysis universe. We checked the game and played the whole campaign to deliver benchmarks and details.

Crysis Warhead
Crysis Warhead [Source: view picture gallery]
Warhead is a stand-alone add-on and largely tells its own story. We won'T tell you things about the plot though but instead we give an overview of the game itself. Do you remember Half-Life? Like in its two add-ons Opposing Force and Blue Shift you experience the story of the main game from a different point of view.

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Crysis Warhead - Comparative screenshots with DX9 vs. DX10 and all quality settings

According to the system requirements Warhead needs more than 10 GiByte free space on the hard drive, but if you stick to a single language, only 5.5 GiByte are necessary. In addition to the product key, an online registration is required. Warhead can be activated up to three times. After that you will have to call Electronic Arts. If the publisher made the right choice here, remains, in the face of the stir caused by the Spore DRM, to be seen. After the installation one might notice, that Warhead has a DX10 mode (on Vista) , but no 64 Bit exe file.

Menu and settings
To launch the game, the DVD is not required. But before you will see the menu, Warhead shows seven videos and that takes some time. We have a tip for you: Just rename, delete or relocate the files below to get directly to the menu when launching the new Crysis:

• CryTek.sfd
• Trailer_Crytek.sfd
• Trailer_CrytekC.sfd
• Trailer_EA.sfd
• Trailer_Intel.sfd
• Trailer_Nvidia.sfd
• Trailer_PEGI.sfd
• Trailer_Rating_Full.sfd

All those files are located in: \Crysis WARHEAD\Game\Localized\Video.

Crysis Warhead: The new 'old' menu.
Crysis Warhead: The new "old" menu. [Source: view picture gallery]
The most obvious difference in the menu is not the missing multiplayer section - which can be found on the second DVD - but "rusty” color. Everything else is still the same as in the original Crysis. Only in the advanced section of the graphics options some changes were made:

Instead of low to very high details there now are four graphics settings that can be chosen on XP and Vista. They are called "Minimum”, "Mainstream”, "Gamer” and "Enthusiast”. How those settings affect the graphics quality can be seen in our article: Crysis Warhead - Comparative screenshots with DX9 vs. DX10 and all quality settings

Crysis Warhead: That's Psycho
Crysis Warhead: That's Psycho [Source: view picture gallery]
The Game
In Warhead you play Psycho, Nomad's rough team member of the original Crysis. He explores another part of the island on his own. The missions offer a big variation from Search & Rescue to defending an outpost against hordes of attacking aliens. Boredom is a thing you won't find in Warhead since in contrast to the original Crysis the player always has something to do. Unfortunately the story isn't very long. It took us only four hours to finish it. Thereby the game is not absolutely linear, but you will always have a main directive. You can choose to accomplish secondary missions on the way if you want to.

Crysis Warhead: A new alien
Crysis Warhead: A new alien [Source: view picture gallery]
The Enemies
Psycho seems to be tougher than Nomad and possibly that's the reason foe Warhead to be more demanding than the main game. The Nanosuit still absorbs the same amount of damage, but the number of enemies has been increased in many situations. Furthermore the A.I. of the aliens has been upgraded and therefore they are really though. But the because of the increased number of enemies some A.I. flaws become obvious: Sometimes one of the new aliens or a Korean solider don't care about rifle rounds hitting them in the back and concentrate on the trees ahead of them - on the other hand you are taken apart by a stationary gun emplacement over a felt distance of three miles.

Crysis Warhead: Dual-MP action
Crysis Warhead: Dual-MP action [Source: view picture gallery]
The Equipment
No shooter add-on without new weapons - Warhead delivers new material, too. In addition to a heavy APC there are land mines and explosive charges. The array of firearms is bolstered with an EMP grenade and a grenade launcher. Equally effective is the combination of two submachine guns that fire up to 80 bullets at high speed. Crytek got rid of the annoying manual ammunition gathering - in Warhead it is enough to walk over the object. This isn't that realistic but the game get more fluid.

Sound and Graphics
The audio-visual quality is still at a high level. But in our localized German version we noticed that every Korean solider speaks German and that isn't really authentic. Only at "Delta” difficulty the enemies communicate in a foreign language. If you have a good surround sound equipment, you can locate enemies on the basis of the sound their steps make and aircrafts roaring over your head are even more impressive.

Crysis Warhead
Crysis Warhead [Source: view picture gallery]
The Cry Engine 2 outclassed every other engine when it was released with Crysis. The Warhead version is even better. The explosions are bigger, the textures are sharper and the vegetation and lighting look a little more realistic. Especially the trip through an abandoned mine looks terrific because of the realistic shadow cast.

With Crysis Warhead Crytek improved most things and only a few elements aren't as good as they were in Crysis. Although you can finish the story, that could need some more depth, in quite a short time, the game is nevertheless challenging and full of action. At its heart Warhead is what many players had hoped for: a currently unmatched spectacle.
Crysis Warhead
Crysis Warhead [Source: view picture gallery]

Author: Vötter, Sauter (Sep 18, 2008)

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