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AMD's latest WHQL driver reviewed

PCGH driver review: AMD Catalyst 8.9 WHQL

We checked AMD's latest WHQL certified driver. The Catalyst 8.9 WHQL was checked for performance benefits and altered power consumption values.

Catalyst 8.9 reviewed
Catalyst 8.9 reviewed [Source: view picture gallery]

Test system

• CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8500, OC @ 3,600 MHz (400 x 9)
• Chipset: Intel X48
• RAM: 2 x 2,048 MiByte DDR2-800 (5-5-5-18)
• PSU: Enermax Modu 82+ (625 Watt)

Catalyst 8.7
Catalyst 8.7 [Source: view picture gallery]
Catalyst 8.8/8.9
Catalyst 8.8/8.9 [Source: view picture gallery]
First of all we see some changes in the Catalyst Control Center. If you activated adaptive anti-aliasing (AAA) in any AMD driver up to the Catalyst 8.7 you could choose between multi- or supersampling and both modes offered additional options. Since the driver 8.8 this isn't possible anymore: If you activate AAA only Quality or Performance can be selected - the driver decides if SSAA or MSAA is used. This sounds like a step into the wrong direction, but actually the manual switching between super- and multisampling has never been reliable.

Author: Marc Sauter (Sep 19, 2008)

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