The rumor mill is still turning

Nvidia denies rumors about dropping out of the chipset market

Today there have been rumors again that Nvidia is planning to leave the motherboard chipset market next year. PCGH asked Nvidia to comment on the Situation.
Nvidia will stay in the chipset market.
Nvidia will stay in the chipset market. [Source: view picture gallery]
The chip set market is currently a though field of operation for a third party manufacturer like Nvidia: The CPU producers AMD and Intel, both of whom can deliver a full platform on their own, are the most important players. Additionally, in times of integrated memory controllers like in AMD’s desktop CPUs and Intel’s Nehalem/Bloomfield series, the motherboard chipset hasn’t that much effect on the basic performance anymore.

So Nvidia is caught between two stools and has to convince customers with performance, stability and features that exceed the classical chipset duties. And here they see their chance to pitch their integrated, Geforce based graphics accelerators with Physx support to the customers of the beginner’s market.

Pulling out of the market is not planned, said Nivida’s Jens Neuschäfer when talking to PCGH, instead this sector will be strengthened with new developments and new products.

Currently Nvidia is earning a fifth of the company’s revenue in the chipset market and can possibly score with new products like the expected Nforce 730i with integrated Geforce 9300 for Intel platforms, which are said to be used in new Apple Macbooks.

According to the rumor came up again because of a report on Nvidia given by an analyst of Pacific Crest that has been reported on at Tech Trader Daily.

Author: Carsten Spille (Oct 08, 2008)

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