Bloomfield with multi GPU faster than Yorkfield
Continuation: Intel Core i7 with 3-way SLI and Quad-Crossfire reviewed

Core i7 mit 3-way SLI/Quad-Crossfire: Test system

• CPU: Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9770 / Intel Core i7-965 EE
• Motherboard: Nvidia Nforce 790i Ultra SLI (Asus Striker II Extreme)/ Intel X58 (Asus Rampage II Extreme)
• RAM: 2/3 x 2,048 MiByte DDR3-1333 (8-8-8-24)

(Clock speeds: GPU/VRAM)
• Radeon HD 4870 X2 (2 x 750/1,800 MHz, 2 x 1,024 MiByte GDDR5)
• Radeon HD 4870/1G (750/1,800 MHz, 1,024 MiByte)

(Clock speeds: GPU/Shader/VRAM)
• Geforce GTX 280 (602/1,296/1,107 MHz, 1,024 MiByte)

• Geforce 180.43 Beta (default settings with VSync off)
• Catalyst 8.551-Hotfix (default settings with VSync off)
All FSAA settings were done in the games. Anisotropic Filtering was always forced in the driver. The driver settings were kept at the default values - despite the Vsync.

For 3-way SLI we used three Geforce GTX 280 and for Crossfire two HD 4870 1,024 MiByte. Quad-Crossfire was realized with one HD 4870 X2 and two HD 4870 1,024 MiByte.

Author: Marc Sauter (Nov 07, 2008)

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