TFC and Noiseblocker develop fan for water cooling systems

TFC Triebwerk: The ultimate radiator fan?

We actually cannot answer this question at the moment. But the first concept pictures really catch some interest.
TFC Triebwerk (concept)
TFC Triebwerk (concept) [Source: view picture gallery]
"The Feser Company” (TFC) already gave prove of their water cooling know-how. Their Xchanger 480 radiator beat all the competition in the last issue of our German PCGH Extreme magazine and the Xchanger 360 impressed with equipment performance.

For the heat exchangers of water cooling systems people usually use normal case fans and that actually works quite well. But how well are those fans doing if compared to a device that has been designed to be used on radiators? In February we will possibly know the answer because then the TFC Triebwerk, as the new fan is called, will be released.

The device is developed in cooperation with the experts at Noisebloker who already offer the powerful but silent Multiframe. The TFC Triebwerk reveals several special features:
TFC Triebwerk (concept)
TFC Triebwerk (concept) [Source: view picture gallery]
The fans are delivered with two connector cables and can be connected with each other when mounted onto a radiator - no more annoying cable management. Furthermore the so called dead centre in the middle of the fan has been minimized since the fan has a shroud. The position of the fan blades suggests that the Triebwerk (translates with engine or possibly power plant) lives up to its name and will suck more air through the cooling fins of the radiator than any other comparable fan. The Triebwerk is of course, like the Mutliframe, uncoupled from the radiator with rubber spacers.

TFC's Triebwerk is supposed to be available around February; final prices have not been announced, yet. There are supposed to be three different models that differ in features, fan speed and scope of delivery. We estimate that the slimmed down version will cost around 20 Euro and the top model around 20 Euro, which would be comparable to Noiseblocker's Multiframe. You can find the first concept drawings in our gallery. Please bear in mind, that those pictures show rendered material and that the final version of the Triebwerk could differ in form and color.

Author: Oliver Pusse (Nov 17, 2008)

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