SSAO and Indirect Lightning for better gaming experience

ENB Series: Better graphics for free in older and new games

With the ENB Series mod by Boris Vorontsov several games get a noticeable graphics boost. We took a closer look at the work of the Russian modder and reveal what kind of graphics you can expect.
All information is taken from Boris Vorontsov's homepage and can be looked up there.
ENB Series Mod (picture: Boris Vorontsov)
ENB Series Mod (picture: Boris Vorontsov) [Source: view picture gallery]
ENB Series Mod: Introduction
The Russian modder Boris Vorontsov offered his ENB Series mod for several years now. He developed it for different engines respectively games (most of them older ones) and thus upgraded their graphics.

To achieve this Boris Vorontsov mainly uses new effects, which he integrates into the games with the ENB Series mods, or sets the rendering path to a new level (from DirectX 8 to DirectX 9 for example). Among the effects he uses are diverse Blur filters, SSAO (Screen Space Ambient Occlusion) and Indirect Lighting - both techniques provide better lighting and shadows. Furthermore reflections and water effects are utilized, too.

ENB Series Mod: Requirements and Installation
Besides the game and the appropriate ENB Series mod you need a Shader Model 2 graphics card. Thus Nvidia cards since the Geforce FX series (but according to Boris it should be at least a Geforce 6) and AMD cards since the Radeon 9500 are compatible. In regards of video memory you should at least have 128 MiByte, since according to Boris Vorontsov the ENB Series mods are rather hungry for VRAM. System memory and CPU are subordinated components as the mods are concerned.

To use the mods, just extract the files into the game directory that contains the exe file of the game. For additional information about the installation please see Boris' website.

ENB Series Mod: Downloads
All ENB Series mods are available in the download section of the ENB Series website.

The screenshots on the following pages were taken by Boris Vorontsov without exception. Do you think that the games look better with or without the ENB Series mods? Use the comments to give your opinion. We are currently working on another article that shows the ENB Series mods in action.

Author: Marc Sauter (Nov 26, 2008)

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