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GTA 4 (PC): Several problems solved

Rockstar just informed us about solutions for three problems of the GTA 4 (PC) version.
The PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV has to deal with some problems on its release. But Rockstar already is working on solutions and just provided PCGH with possible solutions for three bugs that have been identified.
Rockstar delivered solutions for several problems of the GTA 4 PC version. (picture: PCGH)
Rockstar delivered solutions for several problems of the GTA 4 PC version. (picture: PCGH) [Source: view picture gallery]

Issue 1 - Fatal Error MMA10 on saving the game.

Possible Solution 1 - Sign out of the Rockstar Social Club, on starting the game skip the login . This allows the game to start. If you are connected to the internet, you will be prompted to login to Game For Windows Live (GFWL). If you login to this the game will save without issues.

However if you are not connected to the internet, GFWL has an offline mode. If you try to save at your safe house, it will advise you to login. From here choose YES and the game will appear to freeze for a second, hold down the Alt and press Tab to go back to your desktop. You will see the option to sign into GFWL Offline mode, do this and then ALT + Tab back into the game. This should allow you to save, although it may take you to the beginning of the game.

Possible Solution 2 - Install .net Framework 3.5, also unconfirmed but .net Framework 1.1 may need to be installed first.

Issue 2 - Graphical distortion using an NVIDIA 7900 video card

Solution - Install and use the latest beta driver for the 7 series video cards.
Rockstar explicitly points out that the use of Beta drivers is done at one's own risk

Windows XP (32 bit) - 180.70
Windows XP (64 bit) - 180.60
Windows Vista (32 bit) -180.60
Windows Vista (64 bit) - 180.60

Issue 3 - General crashes/freezes

Solution - Install all the latest updates for Windows. Including service packs (SP3 for XP and SP1 for Vista). Close background applications.

This morning we already reported about Ati graphics cards causing GTA 4 to crash. We are currently checking if an update provided for the Rockstar Social Club solved that particular problem, too.

Author: Kristoffer Keipp (Dec 03, 2008)

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