New version of Microsoft's game service available

Download: Games for Windows Live 3.0 Redistributable

Microsoft updated Games for Windows Live. Version 2.0 delivers improvements and fixes some minor bugs.
Games for Windows Live 2.0
Games for Windows Live 2.0 [Source: view picture gallery]
Games for Windows Live 3.0
The new Windows Live version 3.0 offers a market place which can be accessed directly from games such as Fallout 3. So you are able to buy and download add-ons or additional contents immediately. You can integrate them into the game without having to leave the Games for Windows Live game at all.

Another innovation is the Account Management: While playing you can buy new Microsoft Points or you can change your account data. According to Microsoft the system also includes anti piracy measures now.

Games for Windows Live 2.0
The software Games for Windows Live is upgraded to version 2.0. With this application, PC users can participate in game networks and communicate with Xbox 360 users. You can find the download of Games for Windows Live 2.0 at Microsoft's website.

The Games for Windows Live software has been integrated into several games now and GTA 4 (PC) for example requires this Microsoft service.

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Author: Markus Tänzer (Aug 07, 2009)

Games for Windows Live v3.0 ( [29,4 MB]

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