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Driver update reviewed

Ati Catalyst 8.12 WHQL with small performance benefit

AMD's Catalyst 8.12 WHQL doesn't just introduce new, interesting features, but also improves the performance a little. We took a closer look at the driver update.
Catalyst 8.12 WHQL reviewed
Catalyst 8.12 WHQL reviewed [Source: view picture gallery]

Catalyst 8.12 WHQL: Interne Versionsnummer 8.561-081201a1
Catalyst 8.12 WHQL: Interne Versionsnummer 8.561-081201a1 [Source: view picture gallery]
Catalyst 8.12 - Introduction
The drivers for Windows XP and Windows Vista (32 bit as well as 64 bit) will become available on soon. PCGH will offer a local download as soon as the files become available. The version we used for our test doesn't have the WHQL certificate, but according to AMD it matches the Catalyst 8.12 WHQL in matters of performance and integrated features. The comparison with the final version validated this.

Catalyst 8.12 WHQL: Triple-Buffering on Open-GL
Catalyst 8.12 WHQL: Triple-Buffering on Open-GL [Source: view picture gallery]
Catalyst 8.12- Changes
The Catalyst 8.12 WHQL supports Ati Stream, a GPGPU implementation intended as competition to Nvidia's CUDA. Currently this feature is available for HD 4800 and HD 4600 cards, but the HD 3000 series is supposed to be integrated, too. One of the first usable applications is the free Ati Avivo Video Converter, which is positioned against Nvidia's Badaboom which is not free. Also new is the option to activate Triple Buffering under OpenGL in the CCC, as well as an adjustable Noise Reduction for videos which is supposed to counteract Ghosting effects.

Test system:
• Intel X48
• Core 2 Duo E8500 @ 3.6 GHz (400x9)
• AMD Radeon HD 4870 (750/1,800 MHz; 512 MiByte)
• 2x 2,048 MiByte DDR2-800 (5-5-5-18)
• Windows Vista x64 SP1
• A.I. default, VSync off

Author: Marc Sauter (Dec 10, 2008)

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