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Radeon and Geforce GPUs on the GTA 4 dyno

GTA 4 (PC): Benchmark with 7 Ati and Nvidia graphics cards

Which graphics card is the best for playing GTS 4 on the PC? PC Games Hardware checked seven graphics cards for their performance in matters of Grand Theft Auto and testes how much video memory is required.
GTA 4 (PC): GPU benchmarks
GTA 4 (PC): GPU benchmarks [Source: view picture gallery]
GTA 4 (PC): Benchmark review with 7 graphics cards - Introduction
Grand Theft Auto 4 caused a lot of problems on its launch: crashes during startup, the copy protection and the performance annoyed the customers. By now Rockstar reacted and delivered a patch which fixes several bugs and also makes it possible to test several graphics cards without complications.

GTA 4 (PC): Benchmark review with 7 graphics cards - Test procedure
To check the performance of the graphics cards we use our Promenade benchmark. It challenges the system with many passengers and heavy traffic as well as a huge range of visibility and is quite representative for GTA 4 because you spend a lot of time in the city. In order to keep the framerate at a moderate level we use maximal details, but restrict the draw distance to 50 percent - a value normally intended for cards with 1,024 MiByte VRAM.

As our CPU benchmark review reveals, GTA 4 primarily needs a fast CPU. Therefore we use a Quadcore Extreme QX6850 clocked to 3.33 GHz instead of the Core 2 Duo E8500 we usually use. Te remaining components are a Intel chipset and 2x 2,048 MiByte DDR2-800 RAM and Windows Vista SP1.

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Author: Marc Sauter (Dec 17, 2008)


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Yapa Re: GTA 4 (PC): Benchmark with 7 Ati and Nvidia graphics cards
Senior Member
18.12.2008 15:03
I think the game is very badly ported / unoptimised... sure a lot is going on but any cpu over 3.5ghz should easily run this....

There is a way to remove the video restrictions, use the command line "-norestriction" when launching the game and you can then freely play with the settings.

On my 8800GTX with a 3ghz C2Duo it runs very average... at 1680x1050 there is very little difference between maximum details and lowest details... about 5fps... so it just shows how much pressure is on the CPU.


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