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Tip: Grand Theft Auto 4 accelerated

GTA 4 (PC) Tuning: More fps with tweaked reflections

Currently GTA 4 is one of the most hardware challenging games available at the moment. By tuning the reflections it is possible to reach better fps values.
Grand Theft Auto 4: More fps due to tweaked reflections
Grand Theft Auto 4: More fps due to tweaked reflections [Source: view picture gallery]

Tuning Tip: GTA 4 - Reflections tuning
As gameplay is concerned, Rocksatr's console port is quite convincing, but the performance isn't as good as expected most of the time. Even high-end PCs have problems. In the GTA-Forums there is a How-To for the "Ultimate GTAIV Performance Fix”. We checked that tweak - and received pleasant results.

If you increase the resolution of GTA, the game automatically increases the reflection quality, which is responsible for mirroring objects in water, on cars d the pavement. At the same time as it improves the optics of GTA 4 it also stresses the graphics card even more.

Tuning Tip: GTA 4 - Reflections tuning: How-To
So target is to keep the same graphical details while the reflection quality is reduced to gain more performance. To do this, follow the steps below:

Grand Theft Auto 4: Reflection resolution - 1,680 x 1,050
Grand Theft Auto 4: Reflection resolution - 1,680 x 1,050 [Source: view picture gallery]
Grand Theft Auto 4: Reflection resolution - 800 x 600
Grand Theft Auto 4: Reflection resolution - 800 x 600 [Source: view picture gallery]
• You have to b e logged in on the RSGC
• Run GTA 4 without command line parameters
• Set resolution to 800 x 600
• Set the remaining options to values you like until your VRAM is used up
• Write down the value of VRAM used in 800 x 600 with your settings
• Divide the result with the amount of VRAM of your hardware
• Create a shortcut to GTA 4
• Now add the command line parameter "-availalbevidmem x”; x is the result of your division to the target of the shortcut
• Also add "-height x” and "-width y”; x is your desired resolution height and y the desired resolution width (Example: "-height 1050 -width 1680" equals a resolution of 1,680 x 1,050)
• Start GTA 4 with the edited shortcut
• The game should now run with the desired
• The video options should still show 800 x 600 and the VRAM to be used almost completely
• Quit the game by pressing "Alt + F4”
• From now on run the game with the edited short cut

For more information and a detailed explanation see the thread in the GTA-Forums.

Tuning Tip: GTA 4 - Reflections tuning: Test procedure and Benchmark
Our processor benchmark review and our tests with 7 graphics cards revealed that GTA 4 is limited by the CPU. Therefore a system with a weak graphics card is required to check the performance benefit of the altered reflection quality. We decided to take a Geforce 9500 GT with 512 MiByte VRAM and a Core 2 Duo E8500 overclocked to 3.6 GHZ.

For the benchmarks we use our Promenade sequence which is quite suitable to check the effects of the altered reflection quality since it shows a big water surface and reflections on the pavement. The resolution was set to 1,680 x 1,050 and draw distance was set to 30 percent. Texture quality was medium all other settings were maxed out.

Tuning-Tip: GTA 4 - Reflections tuning: Comparative video

Below the conclusion you can download the video at full resolution, which reveals the differences even better.

Tuning-Tip: GTA 4 - Reflections tuning: Conclusion
The tweak from the GTA-Forums is excellent for get a performance benefit for weaker 3D accelerators. If you are not happy with the performance and the appearance of GTA 4, you might want to try the tuning yourself.

Author: Marc Sauter (Dec 23, 2008)

Grand Theft Auto 4: Reflexions-Tuning [7,3 MB]


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speedfreak1 Helloo ppl need some help here!!!!!
Junior Member
09.01.2009 16:58
Hellooo everyone here!!!
I need urgent help here ppl from experts!
I have this PC configuration :
AMD AM2 X2 Barcelona BE2350 at 2100MHZ and 1024kbs cache memory
M2N-X with 4xSATA,1xPCIX,2xPCI,2xDDR2 slots,1xIDE controller slot which support 2x optical drive
2GB Ramm DDR2 667mhz
VGA PCIeX HD Radeon 4850 512MB
515Watt supply power
Foxconn ATX Tower Black&Silver

The reason why i am asking u for ur help is coz i have bought a graphic card PCIeX HD Radeon 4850 512MB
before 2 days and GTA4 is realy becaming boring me with slowing down frames and stucking down the whole system
which i am sure ressponsible is too weak processor.
I am asking u: Is better to bought a new processor some X2 like example 6000+ or take a X4 some of Phenom generation.
Which one to choose for Gaming mostly ???
Or if u have better proposal i'll like to hear it, i am open for any commentar, however this completely configuration is
weak surely.
Every comment,information, suggestion is welcome!!!
So ppl let's hear what u have to say???
Yapa Re: GTA 4 (PC) Tuning: More fps with tweaked refle...
Senior Member
23.12.2008 15:02
Thanks for this tip, I saw it somewhere but you explained it a lot better.

The game runs like a dog on my system and I thought it was the CPU but it looks like its the GPU... actually im not sure!

If i lower the gfx settings I only gain 5 to 10 fps... with my 8800GTX, yet most of the time my CPU is only at 80% so I'm not sure if the CPU or the Video Card is the bottleneck!

I upgraded to the E6420 last night from my E6300... the difference in GTA4 is quite big, the game seems to be a lot smoother but still dips bellow 25fps with maximum gfx settings.

The CPU is not much faster in mhz but the extra 2mb of level2 cache must help a lot... some games responds to larger cache more than others... gta seems to.


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