How well is the Core i7 dealing with Rockstar's title?

GTA 4 (PC): Intel Core i7 far ahead of Core 2 Quad in CPU benchmarks

GTA 4 (PC) appears to be very challenging for the processor - so which CPU would be more fitting than Intel's Core i7? We test how well the Nehalem can deal with Grand Theft Auto 4.
GTA 4 (PC): Processor Benchmarks with Intel Core i7
GTA 4 (PC): Processor Benchmarks with Intel Core i7 [Source: view picture gallery]
In advance: We would like to have published results for AMD's Deneb aka. Phenom II, but since the NDA for the new processor generation does not expire before Thursday, we have to ask for your patience until then. As a compensation there are overclocked Phenoms among the competitors.

GTA 4 (PC) - Benchmark test with Intel Core i7: PCGH test sequence
To check the performance of the CPUs, we use our "Promenade” benchmark. Due to heavy traffic, many pedestrians and a high draw distance it is rather challenging for the system and representative for GTA 4 because you will spend a lot of time roaming the streets of Liberty City. Since we don't want to repress the frame rate too much, we use maximal settings but reduce the draw distance to 50 percent - a value reserved to graphics cards with 1,024 Mibyte VRAM if you stick to the in-game presets. We also patched Grand Theft Auto 4 to the latest version.

GTA 4 (PC) - Benchmark test with Intel Core i7: Conclusion
GTA 4 doesn't just benefit from quad-cores but also is Core i7 territory: The i7-920 with only 2.67 GHz dominates the competition. The older Yorkfield architecture is doing quite well compared to AMD's Agena represented by the X4 9950 that can't beat the Intel CPUs even if overclocked. If the Phenom II will be able to do so, will be revealed on Thursday.

GTA 4 (PC) - Benchmark test with Intel Core i7: Test results

Author: Marc Sauter (Jan 05, 2009)

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