Maximal anti aliasing with four GT200b GPUs

64xQ FSAA with GTX 295 quad SLI

Nvidia's dual GPU flagship is a powerful device and two of them even more. In order to put the available power of such a setup to full use, 64xQ FSAA in modern games is supported.
64xQ FSAA with GTX 295 Quad SLI (picture: Chris Ray)
64xQ FSAA with GTX 295 Quad SLI (picture: Chris Ray) [Source: view picture gallery]
The combination of the Geforce driver 185.20 Beta and four GT200b GPUs also known as GTX 295 quad SLI is capable of the so called 64xQ FSAA. For this each graphics processor calculates 16xQ FSAA, the results are combined and applied to the image currently rendered. But 16xQ FSAA is not 16x MSAA but 8x MSAA with eight additional Coverage Samples (16 Coverage Samples altogether).

Chris Ray took a screenshot of the driver option, but game screenshots or benchmarks with are not available yet. Although Nvidia's latest dual GPU card is quite powerful, as our GTX 295 preview revealed, even a quad SLI setup might have to suffer from a noticeable impact on the performance when displaying with 64xQ FSAA.

Author: Marc Sauter (Jan 07, 2009)

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