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Geforce 181.20 WHQL benchmark review

Although Nvidia's current Geforce 181.20 WHQL only adds supports for two additional graphics cards, we nevertheless put the software to the test.
Geforce 181.20 WHQL benchmark review
Geforce 181.20 WHQL benchmark review [Source: view picture gallery]
Geforce 181.20 WHQL: Introduction
The Geforce 181.20 has been released several days ago, but Nvidia doesn't promise big performance benefits - the Release Notes don't give any specific details on that matter. Only the added support for the GTX 295 and GTX 285 is listed.

We combined the results of the GTX 295 review, the GTX 285 review and the comparison of the 180.48 WHQL versus Catalyst 8.12 WHQL in order to check the driver against the 180.48 WHQL and the 180.87 Beta. The latter one is delivered with the GTX 285 and was available to the press for reviews of the GTX 295.

Geforce 181.20 WHQL: Download
You can download the Geforce 181.20 WHQL from the Nvidia website. As an alternative we offer a local download for registered users. The version for the Windows 7 Beta is available via Windows Update.

Author: Marc Sauter (Jan 19, 2009)

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