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GTA 4: Patch v1.0.2.0 causes trouble

Only recently Rockstar Games released the second patch for Grand Theft Auto 4. In theory the update is supposed to solve several problems - but in real-life things look different for many gamers.
GTA 4: New patch, new problems.
GTA 4: New patch, new problems. [Source: view picture gallery]
The Patch with the serial number is 34 MiByte big and available as One-Click-Download for our registered members. Alternatively it is available via Rockstar's website. According to the Release Notes the update solves several crash problems and optimizes the support of several input devices. Furthermore new options in the video settings are supposed to become available with the patch.

In order to deliver the latest information to you, we installed the patch version As we launched the game afterwards we encountered the "Fatal Error RESC10 - Out of video memory”. Given the Geforce GTX 285 with 1,024 MiByte VRAM which is installed in our test system we think this message to be questionable. Taking a look into the release notes reveals: "The RESC10 error have been fixed".
GTA 4: An actually fixed error prevents us from starting GTA 4 after we installed patch v1.0.2.0.
GTA 4: An actually fixed error prevents us from starting GTA 4 after we installed patch v1.0.2.0. [Source: view picture gallery]
Before we applied the patch GTA 4 was running flawless on our Vista x64 based system - no crashes or errors. Even changing the graphics card and reinstalling GTA 4 twice did not solve the problem. In diverse forums users are reporting similar problems.

So if you don't have any problems with your current version of GTA 4 we recommend that you don't install patch until the bug has been fixed.

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Author: Marc Sauter (Jan 26, 2009)

GTA 4 Patch Version [32,4 MB]

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