Microsoft extends test phase

Windows 7 Beta: Download period extended

Microsoft extends the timeframe for users to download the Windows 7 Beta because of the high demand.
Windows 7 Beta 1 (2)
Windows 7 Beta 1 (2) [Source: view picture gallery]
Initially it was planned to make the download of the Windows 7 Beta 1 possible until January 24. But now Microsoft extended the timeframe until February 10. Those who start the download until then can finish it until February 12.

The Windows 7 Beta 1 can be used until 1st August, 2009. After that date the operating systems will stop working. Brandon LeBlanc, Windows developer, writes in his blog, that the timeframe had been extended because of the high demand among users. The activation keys are said to be available even after the download phase has been ended. MSDN and Technet customers are not affected by the time restriction.

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Author: Andreas Link (Jan 26, 2009)

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