Crytek delivers 64 Bit files as Download

Forthcoming Crysis Warhead patch with 64 bit support

The next patch for Crysis Warhead is supposed to deliver support for 64 Bit - more than three months after PC Games Hardware has reported about the topic.
Crysis Warhead: 64 Bit under way
Crysis Warhead: 64 Bit under way [Source: view picture gallery]
Although there hasn't been issued a official release date for the update, the next patch for Crysis Warhead is said to deliver the expected 64 Bit support. In the Crymod Forum Crytek gave a preview on the features of the Warhead Patch:
General Fixes/tweaks
* Windows Vista: Mouse cursor should no longer have an offset in the menu.
* Windows Vista: Unrequested launches in windowed mode should occur less often now.
* Timedemo can now be started from the command line.
* Better dynamic texture support for enthusiast mode.

New Features
* Added 64-bit executables for Windows XP x64 and Windows Vista 64-bit version. In Windows XP x64 a new shortcut will be placed under the Crysis Warhead program group. In Windows Vista right-click the Crysis Warhead icon in Game Explorer and choose to run the game in 64-bit mode.

Known Issues
* Games saved in 32-bit won't work properly when running the 64-bit version and vice-versa.

Note: After applying the patch the version displayed (lower right corner of menu) is
The memory usage of Crysis Warhead had been limited to 2 GiByte: More cannot be accessed by an 32 Bit application. Nevertheless performance benefits under Vista x64 were possible: If the game uses a lot of RAM the operating system can easily access additional Ram - if available.

Crysis 1 offered exe files for 32 Bit and 64 Bit systems and thus was one of the first games that made use of the 64 Bit advantages ex factory. The 64 Bit version of the original Crysis offered sharper textures at high distances than the 32 Bit version. Via the command console the same visualization was accessible on 32 Bit systems, too.

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Author: Falk Jeromin (Jan 28, 2009)

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