The future of the Flight Simulator series

Microsoft comments on FSX support and Flight Simulator 11

When talking to PC games Hardware, Microsoft officially commented on the future of the Flight Simulator series.
Microsoft Flight Simulator X Acceleration (2007)
Microsoft Flight Simulator X Acceleration (2007) [Source: view picture gallery]
After diverse reports about the future of the Flight Sim series had been published on the web, Microsoft now gave a clear statement. PC Games Hardware was informed by Microsoft, that the ACES Studios will be closed and that current game developments are put on hold.

In matters of the future Flight Simulator series we received a statement from the Microsoft PR agency Edelmann that reveals Microsoft's further interest in flight simulations for Windows and Live. At the moment it is not possible to announce a new part of the popular series, but as soon as new information is available, the public will be informed.

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Author: Thilo Bayer (Feb 02, 2009)

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