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Cooler Master V10 with Peltier Element

Cooler Master V10: The best CPU cooler for Core i7?

The Cooler Master V10 is supposed to be a high-end cooler that can easily deal with hot, overclocked CPUs.
Cooler Master V10 CPU cooler
Cooler Master V10 CPU cooler [Source: view picture gallery]
The Cooler Master V10 has 10 6 millimeter heatpipes, four of which are connected to the base of the Peltier element. This element has a nominal capacity of 70 watt. All in all the V10 has three heatsinks, which results in the overall dimensions of 236.5 x 161.3 x 129.6 millimeters (width x height x depth). A PWM regulated 120 millimeter fan is placed between two of the aluminum fin brackets, while a second one is cooling the fins which are placed over the memory modules. Cooler Master specifies the fan speed with 800 to 2,400 rpm.

The Cooler Master V10 with its Peltier element fits onto the sockets 754, 939, 940, AM2(+), 775 and 1366 and is fixed with a backplate. Given the enormous weight of 1,200 grams this seems to be quite reasonable.

According to the webshop Caseking, which lists the V10 for €99.90, the release date for the new Cooler Master device is March 31. Up to now we expected that the product would hit the markets in late February.

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Author: Thilo Bayer (Feb 03, 2009)

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