Face off between Windows 7 Beta 1 and Windows Vista SP1

Windows Vista versus Windows 7: Graphics cards benchmarks

Many gamers ask themselves: Who wins a gaming comparison between Windows 7 and Windows Vista? PC Games hardware did the test and checked eight graphics cards, five games and two operating systems.

Heart of pixel acceleration: How fast are dealing Windows 7 and Vista with GPUs?
Heart of pixel acceleration: How fast are dealing Windows 7 and Vista with GPUs? [Source: view picture gallery]
PC Games Hardware checks the 64 bit versions of Windows Vista and the Windows 7 Beta 1 for their gaming performance. Furthermore we wanted to know how well AMD and Nvidia optimized their drivers. For our tests we used the Catalyst 8.12 and the Geforce 181.20. The system is based on a motherboard with an X48 chipset which carries an Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 running at 3.6 GHz. Due to the 64 Bit operating systems we also used four GiByte DDR2-800 RAM.

The graphics cards that had to show their performance were the Geforces 8800 GT, 8800 GTX, GTX 260-216 and GTX 285 from Nvidia as well as the Radeons 3870, 4850, 4870/1G and 4870 X” from AMD.

We ran benchmarks in Crysis Warhead, Fallout 3 (dt.), Far Cry 2, Race Driver Grid and Left 4 Dead (dt.). We tested the games with refreshed quality settings and widescreen resolutions of at least 1,680 x 1,050 up to 2,560 x 1,600 pixels inclusive FSAA and AF - additional details can be found in the individual benchmark charts.

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Author: Andreas Link (Feb 05, 2009)

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