Fresh contents for L4D (dt.)

Left 4 Dead (dt.): Survival Pack to be released in spring

Valve announced exclusive and new contents for the horror shooter Left 4 Dead (dt.). The Survival Pack will include maps and campaigns.
Left 4 Dead (dt.) (8)
Left 4 Dead (dt.) (8) [Source: view picture gallery]
Valve keeps word and will offer new contents for Left 4 Dead (dt.). In spring the so-called Survival Pack will be released. The pack will include two new campaigns for the versus mode and a new multiplayer mode called "Survival”. The new contents will be available via Steam or at the retailers.

Furthermore Valve wants to provide a software development kit so that versed gamers can create their own campaigns.

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Author: Markus Tänzer (Feb 10, 2009)

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