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Xigmatek Dragoon N422: Heatpipe cooling for RAM modules

The Dragoon is Xigmatek's latest cooling device for memory modules. PC Games Hardware got some hot pictures of the heatpipe construction.
Xigmatek Dragoon N422: New memory cooler (4)
Xigmatek Dragoon N422: New memory cooler (4) [Source: view picture gallery]
Xigmatek introduces a new cooling device for RAM modules. The Dragoon N422 transfers the heat via a copper heatpipe to aluminum fins. Due to the Direct Touch setup the heatpipes comes into direct contact with the memory chips and thus is supposed to absorb the heat faster. The thermodynamic design is also said to add to the cooling capabilities.

Installing the Dragoon N422 is supposed to be easy, but only double sided memory modules can be equipped with the cooler. The weight is specified with 105 grams and the dimensions are 131.1 (L) x 76.5 (W) x 9.6 (H) millimeters.

More details can be found at the Dragoon product page. A recommended retail prices has not been published yet.

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Author: Andreas Link (Feb 20, 2009)

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