FSX with photo textures

Texture mods for Flight Simulator X deliver photorealistic graphics

Texture mods for games are not just freeware projects like Black Mesa, the Cinematic Mod or Rygel's Crysis mods. For the Flight Simulator series, especially the FSX, there are high priced add-ons that deliver completely new textures and geometry.
FSX: Real Environment Extreme (3)
FSX: Real Environment Extreme (3) [Source: view picture gallery]
The guys at Boomtown made the effort and introduced popular add-ons for Flight Simulator X. It seems like the market for such add-ons is quite big although the developer studios of the Light Sim Series have been closed.

The FSX add-ons introduced by Boomtown all make a different approach: Some upgrade the original FSX textures while others even adjust the geometry. Ultimate Terrain X from Scenery Solutions for example adds realistic cost lines, lakes, rivers, roads, cities and railway systems. VFR Generation comes from Horizon Simulations and is focused on high resolution textures for England and Wales. The textures need up to 80 GByte on the hard drive. For the photorealistic visualization of clouds and water one can get Real Environment Xtreme. For new ground textures that remind of the sight from inside a plane, Ground Environment X is available.

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In our gallery you can find worth seeing screenshots of the introduced FSX add-ons.

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Author: Thilo Bayer (Feb 24, 2009)

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