Corsair unveils exclusive first PC case

Corsair Full Tower Case Preview - Precious deluxe tower at the Cebit

At the Cebit Corsair presents the prototype of their first PC case. The huge aluminum tower offers several well-thought-out ideas - like a freely accessible backplate for CPU coolers - and precious materials.
Corsair Full Tower Case Preview - PC Games Hardware has the first pictures (9)
Corsair Full Tower Case Preview - PC Games Hardware has the first pictures (9) [Source: view picture gallery]
The prototype of Corsair's first PC case doesn't have a name yet and currently is going by the working title Corsair Full Tower Case Preview. We got the possible first pictures directly from the Corsair booth in Hall 21, where Corsair's Alex Rüdinger explained the case.

Besides the already mentioned opening in the motherboard tray the case offers several interesting features. Four Hot Swap capable and removable racks for hard drives are available behind the impressive aluminum panel. The motherboard tray also offers several openings for an easy cable management. In the upper part of the case there is enough free space for a triple radiator and on the bottom even big power supply units can be installed.

Take a look at the pictures in our gallery to get an impression of the quality offered by the Corsair Full Tower Case Preview - prices and release date have not been announced yet.

Picture gallery  (enlarge to view source)

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Author: Carsten Spille (Mar 02, 2009)

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