P55 also known as Ibex Peak

Intel P55 for Core i5: More details plus Die pictures and socket chaos

The new chipset for Intel's forthcoming middle-class CPUs is supposed to be called P55 (formerly known as Ibex Peak) - this has been confirmed by several motherboard manufacturers. But as the socket is concerned there are several contrary statements. We sum it up.
The P55 chipset
The P55 chipset [Source: view picture gallery]
We found the first P55 motherboards at the Asus Cebit booth. There we saw "LGA 1160” on the boards. We were told that the socket 1160 would be compatible to the new Intel CPUs with integrated graphics unit while the socket 1156 is intended for processors without the graphics unit. By the way the name Core i5 has not been confirmed by Intel yet.

But other motherboard manufactures and producers of cooling solutions told us that the socket 1160 is an outdated version which has been replaced by the socket 1165. This socket is supposed to be compatible with CPUs that have the integrated graphics unit, while the socket 1155 is for processors without the IGP. Even an Intel presentation only mentions the sockets 1156 and 1155 - a sign that this assumption is correct.

Within the next few days we have an interview appointment with Intel's "Director of Microprocessor Marketing” - we hope that we can answer all the questions about the P55 and the confusion about the sockets.

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Author: Daniel Möllendorf (Mar 02, 2009)

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