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16 virtual cores in a desktop PC: Asus presents ATX motherboard with two sockets 1366

The Z8NA-D6 from Asus is the first desktop motherboard that is equipped with two LGA 1366 sockets for Intel's Core i7 CPUs. Although the board is running with unbuffered memory server processors are required for the dual-CPU mode.
Asus Z8NA-D6 (2)
Asus Z8NA-D6 (2) [Source: view picture gallery]

The Z8NA-D6 supports Intel's new server processors Xeon 5500. If you use unbuffered RAM without ECC, the six memory slots can be filled with up to 24 GiByte. With registered memory even 48 GiByte are possible. As a chipset the 5500 Northbridge and the ICH10R Southbridge are used. Furthermore the board has a common graphics slot with 16 lanes. Power supply has been adjusted to the common connectors of desktop PSUs.

Asus didn't reveal when the Z8NA-D6 will be released and how much it will cost.

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Author: Daniel Möllendorf (Mar 04, 2009)


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pcghx_Kristoffer Re: 16 virtual cores in a desktop PC
18.03.2009 09:53
Quote: (Originally Posted by Unregistered)
I don't think there are any Core i7s out with eight cores. The Xeon 5500 seems to be a quad core processor, so you're multiplying too much. If I'm wrong, please post a link showing what you're reading. Thankx

You are right that the Core i7s don't have eight cores, but since they offer hyper-threading, they have two threads per core. So two Xeon 5500s with four cores each plus hyper-threading result in 16 virtual cores.

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