Stormrise: Vista only - DX10 only - No fallback option

Stormrise first DX10 only game - Interview with Lead Designer

PC Games Hardware once again interviewed Artem Kulakov, the Lead Designer of Sega's forthcoming real-time strategy game Stormrise. This time he confirmed that Stromrise will be a DX10 only game.
Artem Kulakov: The Lead Designer of Stormrise
Artem Kulakov: The Lead Designer of Stormrise [Source: view picture gallery]
Back in September PC Games Hardware interviewed Artem Kulakov about the technical aspects of Stormrise. Now we contacted the game's Lead Designer once again to see what new details are available. And the information we received almost blew us away. Getting right to the point, let's just start with Artem's short summary: Vista only. DX10 only. No fallback option. We have never suggested this or hinted at it, so it shouldn't be a surprise. This crystal clear statement had been a follow up to our second technical Q&A, which you can read below. Our first interview can be found at: Exclusive interview about Stormrise DX 10.1 support.

PCGH: You announced that the PC Version of Stormrise will support DX10 and even DX10.1. Is that still the case or did you cancel the support for DX10/10.1? If you cancel the DX10/DX10.1 support what were your reasons to do so?
Artem Kulakov: From day one Stormrise has been designed as a new type of RTS for next generation consoles and PCs. Stormrise has been designed for DirectX 10 and Vista only right from the start. Integrating DX10.1 was an opportunity to increase performance and improve visual quality even further.

Stormrise: The first DX10 only game? (6)
Stormrise: The first DX10 only game? (6) [Source: view picture gallery]
PCGH: If there is DX10/10.1 support how do you leverage the API? How can you utilize the advanced feature Set of DX10/DX10.1? How does the API simplify the rendering process?
Artem Kulakov: DX10 has offered a lot of advantages over DX9. First of all, DirectX 10 allowed us to simplify the rendering engine. It matches capabilities of next generation consoles better than DX9, which is important for us considering that Stormrise is a multi-platform title. We had fewer driver-specific compatibility issues with Stormrise compare to our previous games released with DX9.

Author: Kristoffer Keipp (Mar 04, 2009)

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