Physx in Sacred 2 in action

Sacred 2 with Physx Patch: Video shows effects

Sacred 2 is supposed to be upgraded with Nvidia's Physx in late March. PC Games Hardware got a video that demonstrates the effects.
Sacred 2 with activated Physx effects
Sacred 2 with activated Physx effects [Source: view picture gallery]
In late March Ascraon wants to introduce an enhanced Sacred 2 version with support for GPU Physx. Initially the retail version was supposed to come with Physx already but technical reasons and the insufficient time prevented the feature to be part of the final Master.

At the Cebit we saw the Physx support in action. The effects are rather unobtrusive. For example leaves were blown around by the wind or stones and small particles dropped to the ground. Furthermore certain spells of the characters have been upgraded with additional Physx effects and the visualization of flags swaying in the wind is realized with GPU Physx, too. On screenshots those effects aren't looking as spectacular as they really are. Therefore we shot a video of the sequences.

Good news for all Geforce users: According to Nvidia Sacred 2 will run much smoother, even when the additional effects are activated. Details about Sacred 2 with GPU Physx can be found in Sacred 2: Preview on the forthcoming Physx patch.

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Author: Thilo Bayer (Mar 06, 2009)

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