Brand-new: Compact NZXT case

NZXT Panzerbox LAN case: Exclusive details

With the Panzerbox the case manufacturer NZXT is working on a highly interesting product.
NZXT Panzerbox
NZXT Panzerbox [Source: view picture gallery]

PC Games Hardware was able to take a exclusive look at NZXT's Panzerbox. The LAN case is made of aluminum and is delivered with two 190 mm and one 120 mm fans. Due to the light metal and the compact dimensions of 244 x 445 x 445 millimeters the Panzerbox weights only 6.3 kilograms. It seems like the name of the Panzerbox wasn't just a random idea because the case really bears resemblance to World War II tanks. But since the case on display was an early prototype the material and the details might differ in the final retail version of the case.

The interior is completely black and currently there is enough room for all important components. The position of the PSU is a little striking because it is placed vertically in front of the plug-in cards. In order to have cards easily installed the complete motherboard tray can be removed. All in all 5.25 inch and four 3.5 inch drive bays are available. The external I/O panel offers two USB, Audio and e-SATA connections.

Currently details about the price or availability of the Panzerbox have not been revealed. The compact case will probably be introduced to the markets in May for an estimated price between 120 and 140 Euros.

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Author: Oliver Pusse (Mar 17, 2009)

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