Secret Cooler Master project unveiled

Exclusive: White Cooler Master CM 690 discovered

PC Games Hardware took pictures of a white CM 690 case when we visited Cooler Master in Venlo, Netherlands.
White Cooler Master CM 690 discovered
White Cooler Master CM 690 discovered [Source: view picture gallery]

The CM 690 is currently one of the most popular PC cases in Europe. Now it seems like Cooler Master is working on a special edition with a white finish. We took several pictures which can be found in our gallery.

In difference to the black case the special edition doesn't have fan holes in the side panels thus the design appears to be more worthy. Furthermore Cooler Master will use fans for the white CM 690 that are more silent than the default fans. Cooler Master initially wanted to introduce the case at the Cebit but in the last possible moment they decided to keep the project secret for some time though. According to the information we received from Cooler Master's Sven Dommann the white CM 690 will become available in late May.

What do you think of the white finish? Do you expect that the special edition will be much more expensive than the normal black CM 690? Use the comments to give your opinion.

Picture gallery  (enlarge to view source)

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Author: Daniel Waadt (Mar 20, 2009)

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