New high-end fan from TFC and Blacknoise

TFC Triebwerk: Giant fan pictured

The development of the high-end fan Triebwerk of the German water cooling specialist TFC - The Feser Company - is going to a final stage.
TFC Triebwerk (9)
TFC Triebwerk (9) [Source: view picture gallery]
Back in November we already reported about the TFC Triebwerk (see: TFC Triebwerk: The ultimate radiator fan?). The fans are designed to pull as much air through a PC radiator as possible. Because of this the fan blades are 37 millimeters high, while common fans usually have an overall height (inclusive the frame) of 25 millimeters - the Triebwerk is impressive 55 millimeters high. TFC - The Feser Company is cooperating with the fan specialists of Blacknoise who offer the popular Blacknoise Multiframe, a quiet and powerful fan.

In May, or June at the latest, the Triebwerk will become available for a little less than 30 Euros. Initially there will be two versions: TK-121 and TK-122. The TK-121 is tagged with "low speed” and reaches 1,200 rpm at 12 volt, but the fan starts turning with an applied voltage of 5.5 volt already. The TK-122 bears the label "mid speed” and runs at 1,800 rpm (12 volt), but starts with 4.5 volt already. Some fans of the series even start turning at 3.5 to 4.0 volt already. At 4 volt the TK-122 runs at approximately 800 rpm. Blacknoise specified an air flow rate of 105 m³/61 cfm for the ZK-121 and 150 m³/88 cfm for the TK-122.

We had the chance to take a look at the prototypes of the TK-121 and the TK-122. The final versions will differ in the following points:
• The fan blades will be fully transparent
• The rubber mounting parts will be black, different colors are optional
• The cables will be sleeved

TFC Triebwerk (23)
TFC Triebwerk (23) [Source: view picture gallery]
First tests reveal that the Triebwerk delivers high air flow rate and pressure. The fans are equipped with two connectors and with a short cable several Triebwerks can be connected in series, making cable management easier if the fans are mounted on a water cooling radiator. Another cable which is used to plug the Triebwerk to a 4-pin Molex connector of the PSU is included, too. TFC and Blacknoise are currently thinking about the option to offer a 3-pin fan cable which would allow the user to connect the Triebwerk to common fan control units.

As soon as we receive final samples of the Triebwerk fans we will publish a review and check the capabilities of the devices.

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Author: Oliver Pusse (Mar 27, 2009)

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