DX10 version of Grid and Dirt

Race Driver Grid: DirectX 10 mod under construction - Update: DX10 versus DX9 comparison

The modding community of Race Driver Grid is still busy: currently user BettleatWar1977 is working on a DirectX 10 version of Grid.
Race Driver Grid DirectX 10 Mod (12)
Race Driver Grid DirectX 10 Mod (12) [Source: view picture gallery]
BeetleatWar1977 reports in several locations about the progress his work is making. In the Forum of 3D Center the first screenshots of the Grid DX10 mod have been coming round. Next weekend more details are said to become available.

Via the Pixel and Vertex Shader 4.0 of DirectX 10 features like Ambient Occlusion, Ambient Occlusion Blur or the windows shield are supposed to be realized. Besides Race Driver Grid another racing game, Colin McRae Dirt, might be enhanced with a DirectX 10 mod. Although there aren't any picture comparisons yet, the screenshots are worth seeing nevertheless.

Update May 4, 2009
We got new screenshots of BettleatWar1977's Race driver Grid DirectX10 mod which is still work in progress. In the comparisons below you can see Race driver Grid in the original DirectX 9 look without any modifications and with DirectX 10 and some mods (Dargos Mod, UltrahighV15 and Enhanced UltraV4 (WIP)). Furthermore there are additional screenshots of the DirectX 10 mod in the gallery.

What do you think of the DX10 mod? Give your opinion in the comments.

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Author: Thilo Bayer (May 04, 2009)

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