GTX 275 versus HD 4890
Continuation: Review: Ati Radeon HD 4890 versus Nvidia Geforce GTX 275

Conclusion: Radeon HD 4890 versus Geforce GTX 275
Nvidia's Geforce GTX 275 and AMD's Radeon HD 4890 deliver what one expects given the theoretical performance. The HD 4890 beats the HD 4870/1G by 12 to 13 percent, needs only slightly more energy and is, regardless of the new cooler, quite loud. The OC capabilities are quite good though since 1 GHz chip frequencies might be possible. Currently a overclocked Radeon HD 4870 with 1,024 MiByte costs about 160 Euros while the HD 4890 is launched for about 210 Euros. Both cards are quite attractive for those prices but the HD 4870/1G still offers the better price performance ratio.

All in all the Geforce GTX 275 is on the same level as the HD 4890. It is about 10 percent faster than the GTX 260-216 and quieter than the Radeon HD 4890. The Geforce benefits from Nvidia's new 185 driver series. How much will be explained in a separate driver review later today. The recommended retail price for the GTX 275 is 239 Euros several Nvidia partner shops already offer the card for this price, although the first shipments of the GTX 275 have been rather small. Nvidia plans broad availability for April 14.

The duel between the HD 4870/1g and the GTX 260-216 is continued. With the HD 4890 and the GTX 275 AMD and Nvidia are competing on a slightly higher level - and ask slightly higher prices of course. What you buy in the end depends on your budget and your personal preferences.

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Author: Vötter, Sauter (Apr 02, 2009)

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