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Nvidia Physx for the subaqueous shooter Underwater Wars

Nvidia's Physx technology will be used for the upcoming subaqueous shooter Underwater Wars.
Underwater Wars: Subaqueous shooter with Nvidia Physx (5)
Underwater Wars: Subaqueous shooter with Nvidia Physx (5) [Source: view picture gallery]
The developers of Underwater Wars, the Biart Studios, use the CPU and GPU accelerated Physx for their upcoming subaqueous shooter. It is still unknown to what extent Physx will be accelerated on Geforce graphics cards and how the fallback on the CPU will look like. Obviously a Geforce 8800 GTX is postulated. With the screenshots in our gallery you will at least get a first idea of Underwater Wars.

The setting of Underwater Wars is the near future and the player acts as a Navy Seal. During the game the US and NATO troops are facing China, Korea, Syria and Iran. The player fulfills normal missions on islands and in cities, but he has to infiltrate underwater bases and attack opponents as well.

Underwater Wars is supposed to be released for PC and Xbox 360 in Q4 2009. More information about Underwater Wars can be found on the official website. More games with GPU accelerated Physx effects are for instance Sacred 2 and Mirror's Edge. If you are interested in the topic water in games you might go to our article PCGH looks back: 25 years of water effects in games.

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Author: Thilo Bayer (Apr 07, 2009)

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