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Stalker Add-on Call of Pripyat is coming - Stalker 2 with Cryengine 3?

The developers of Stalker, GSC, are currently working on an add-on with the name Call of Pripyat. Furthermore they are apparently considering a Stalker with the Cryengine 3.
Stalker: New add-on and Stalker 2 planned (picture: Stalker: Clear Sky) (6)
Stalker: New add-on and Stalker 2 planned (picture: Stalker: Clear Sky) (6) [Source: view picture gallery]
I an interview with a Russian website GSC boss Sergey Grigorovitch talks about the future of the Stalker series. Accordingly a second add-on for Stalker is said to be released in fall 2009. Call of Pripyat is staged in the name giving city near Chernobyl. More details about the new Stalker add-on have not been revealed yet. Time will also have to tell which publisher will distribute the extension.

Besides the add-on, GSC is also planning a new Stalker, called Stalker 2. It seems like the developers will give up on their own X-Ray Engine - although it was one of the first game engines that offered DirectX 10.1 which had been integrated into Stalker: Clear Sky with a patch. Apparently GSC is considering licensing the Cryengine 3 which has been introduce by Crytek at the Game Developer Conference.

Can you imagine a Stalker game based on the Cryengine 3? Give your opinion in the comments.

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Author: Thilo Bayer (Apr 15, 2009)

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