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Cinematic Mod 10: New screenshots reveal Bump Map rocks and HD objects - Update: New teaser video

As reported the Cinematic Mod 10 is under construction. PC Games Hardware shows new screenshots that show the Bump Maps for rocks, the worth seeing HD objects and an enhanced Alyx figure.
Cinematic Mod 10: Pay attention to the richness of detail on the objects
Cinematic Mod 10: Pay attention to the richness of detail on the objects [Source: view picture gallery]
Most interesting are the laboriously modeled and textured HD objects like PCs and technical devices. But the new rocks with detailed Bump Maps are an eye catcher, too. Furthermore there is a new alternative HD model of Alyx besides the Adriana Lima version.

Update: May 15, 2009
Today we can offer another worth seeing teaser video of the Cinematic Mod 10 that shows additional HD character models and several of the upgraded graphics features. If you like what you see, you should also take a look at our Cinematic Mod 10 vs. Half-Life 2 comparison or download the Cinematic Mod 10 Beta.

Update: April 29, 2009
The modder Fakefactory revealed some more details about the cinematic Mod 10 to PC Games Hardware. For example the biggest differences in comparison to the Cinematic Mod 9 don't only affect the (noticeably) enhanced NPCs, but also the level of detail. There will be new gimmicks everywhere - blurry textures (even on trivial objects) will be history says the modder.

Cinematic Mod 10 will not use the Soundtrack of Cinematic Mod 9, but will "dynamize” the existing one. This means the music will suit the events taking place on the screen better than before. The transition between unexcited and dynamic phases will happen automatically. A video demonstrates this.

Background: Cinematic Mod 10
A release date has not been announced yet. The HD characters have been heavily optimized in version 10. Due to a new LoD system the framerate should be noticeably better than it has been in Cinematic Mod 9. Among the new features are HD models for certain objects and a new, optional HD model of Alyx. Furthermore a dynamic soundtrack, some HDR tweaks and some more bugfixes have been added.

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Author: Thilo Bayer (May 15, 2009)

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