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AMD RV870: 40 nanometer DirectX 11 GPU in August?

With the RV870 AMD wants to be the first of the big graphics cards producers to introduce a DirectX 11 GPU. According to the media the first devices will be on sale in August already.
AMD RV870: DirectX 11 GPU in 40 nm in August?
AMD RV870: DirectX 11 GPU in 40 nm in August? [Source: view picture gallery]
Currently the big graphics card companies are only renovating their product portfolios, but the RV870 is said to be a new development again. With the RV870 AMD is supposed to support DirectX 11 which is scheduled for the second half of 2009. According to TCMagazine the RV870 GPU will hit the markets in August 2009.

The 40 nanometer GPU is said to be produced in big quantities by TSMC in July so that the first final graphics cards will become available in August. More details about the GPU have not been revealed yet. AMD is currently working on the launch of the RV740 which is also produced in 40 nanometers and should be introduced soon.

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Author: Andreas Link (Apr 20, 2009)

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