Copy protection versus customer service

Demigod server becomes pirates' victim

Most of the games developers rely on copy protection or online registration. Sometimes such actions and a good customer service come to a bad end - this happened to Demigod.
Demigod (6)
Demigod (6) [Source: view picture gallery]
The new multiplayer RTS Demigod (Gas Powered Games) just showed the bad effects of customer service. As our German colleagues of PC Games already reported Demigod was released via the online platform Impulse on April 14. Up to now Publisher Stardock has not taken any copy protection actions and therefore has had a good reputation among players. But this proceeding also has its disadvantages - as shown by Demigod.

Within the first days about 50,000 players were expected - but the publisher didn't think of the pirates. 120,000 players stormed the servers but only 18,000 were registered customers. So the gaming experience was a disaster for the first players - considerable lags and connection problems occurred.

In the publisher blog of Demigod Stardock's Brad Wardell reassured that everything would be under control in the meantime. The illegal players have been removed to other servers so the honest customers can enjoy the game undisturbed now.

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Author: Mario Riemann (Apr 21, 2009)

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